Trem da Serra do Mar

The Meeting Between Nature and Nostalgic

A nostalgic tour of a steam locomotive at the northern mountains Santa Catarina estate for revive old scenarios of mountains, tunnels and waterfalls. Rio Negrinho Train Station, home of the “Museu Dinâmico da Maria Fumaça”. Diversified collection with eight steam locomotives, old coaches and general pieces related to railway history in Brazil. Normal tours of Maria Smoke are held monthly. Two machines and six wagons are prepared to take about 270 people. Usually the tours attract an average of 150 passengers. From “Rio Negrinho”, the “Mary Smoke” goes to “Rio Natal”, a Polish colony, in São Bento do Sul. The landscape view of the little windows of cars is the rainforest. In “Rio Natal” happens a lunch with Polish dishes waiting for passengers. Usually a folk group also welcomes visitors.
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Rua da Estação, sn
Rio Negrinho / SC
São Bento do Sul / SC

Postal Code: 89295-000
Phone: (47) 3644700
The tours are conducted monthly.
Delivery of tickets to the 9:15 am., boarding at 09:30 am and departure at 10:00 am.
42 Km
Boarding: 9:30 am.
Return: 4:00 pm
Railway Station Rio Negrinho - SC / Rio Natal Train Station - SC
Landscapes of the Serra do Mar.
On the menu, do not miss the “pirogue”, which is a baked pastry stuffed with cottage cheese, and the “alusque”, boiled cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat, plus the sweet potato gnocchi.
An exciting ride aboard a train pulled by steam locomotive and old wood passenger cars. The meeting between nature and nostalgia in an unforgettable ride, beautiful scenery of the Atlantic Forest and the incredible works of engineering, such as tunnels, viaducts and bridges that are present along the “Serra do Mar”. ... see more
Um empolgante passeio a bordo de uma composição puxada por locomotiva a vapor e históricos carros passageiro em madeira. O encontro entre natureza e saudosismo, em um passeio inesquecível, por belas paisagens da Mata Atlântica e pelas incríveis obras da engenharia, tais como túneis, viadutos e pontes que estão presentes ao longo da Serra do Mar.
Starting from “Rio Negrinho”, at an altitude of 795 meters and down to Rio Natal, in the municipality of São Bento do Sul, 355 meters above sea level, where robust locomotives to steam up to 100 tonnes of the 40's, win the ascent of the mountain in show piece for the most observers.