Trem do Forró

Fun guaranteed with safety and professionalism

"The most fun train ride of the world". Wrote an American journalist, defines exactly what happens along the travel of the “Trem do Forró”.
One “forró” band with bass drum, triangle and accordion, give to passengers with the most authentic “forró pé de serra”, local music, leaving everyone in great animation.
If you come, you will not stand at all. We have almost 1,200 people by trip.


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Rua da Amizade, 38 - Graças
Recife / PE
Cabo de São Agostinho / PE

Postal Code: 52011-260
Phone: (81) 3423-5000
Every Saturday and Sunday of June. Departures at 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm return.
With 6 hours of duration.
A 84 km total round trip.
Recife/ Cabo de Santo Agostinho/PE
Festive journey in wagons fully furnished “juninos” reasons and a “trio” of “forró” in each wagon.
Typical foods commonly served during the “Festas Juninas” (annual celebrations of June) like “canjica”, “pamonha” (corn pudding), “pé de moleque”, “milho cozido” (boiled corn) and “bolo de rolo”.
Authentic “FORRÓ PÉ DE SERRA” (northeastern music).
The entire trip occurs in the 2nd oldest line (railroad) in the country, listed by IPHAN (Brazilian institute for protection of historical and cultural patrimony).
Region of “Agreste Nordestino”.